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About Us

Fumi Games is an independent game development studio focused on developing premium games.
To learn more about Fumi Games or inquire about publishing or investment partnerships, please contact us at

In Production

Join private detective in MOUSE, a gritty, jazz-fueled shooter. With guns blazing and a retro rubber hose animation style, battle your way through a corrupt city full of crooks and danger. Inspired by classic FPS and noir films, MOUSE is the explosive shooter you’ve been waiting for.

  • Genre: Cartoon FPS
  • Platform: PC Announced
  • Release Date: TBA
Join the crew of Starclutch Services, a TAXI company like no other in the Juicy Way Galaxy. Their job is not easy, mind you. It is not just about taking clients from one planet to the other. It is about keeping them safe, sound, and satisfied against the perils of space.
  • Genre: Action / Shooter / Platformer / Avoider / Race
  • Platform:  PC, Switch, Xbox, PS
  • Release Date: TBA